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New Crocheting Trend: Amigurumi

New Crocheting Trend: Amigurumi

New Crocheting Trend: Amigurumi

A new crocheting trend named Amigurumi has become the newest trend in the crafting world. Everyone is talking about it, cute models are everywhere, so the big question is: What is amigurumi exactly? Amigurumi is actually a Japanese word, derived from the syllables ami (made with knitting needle) and nuigurumi (filled toys). Did the word meaning get your attention? So let’s begin with amigurumis and find out the amigurumi materials for your glamorous start.


What should be on your amigurumi materials shopping list?

1.Crochet Hook: There are lots of hook types out there, which you can choose from. Only thing matters is that you should buy a hook 2-3 times smaller than the one actually recommended for your yarn.When it comes to materials of a handcraft, actually sky is the limit depending on your budget. Here are the minimum needs for a basic amigurumi model:


2.Yarn: Acrylic yarns are best for durable amigurumis.

3.Scissors: Sharp pair of scissors is needed for making clean cuts.

4.Eyes: Buy some plastic eyes if you are working on animal, human models, depending on the feeling you want to give.

5.Yarn Needles: Body parts of the amigurumi can be attached with these.


6.Needle Threader: Threading a needle becomes very quick and easy with these.

7.Embroidery Floss: These are the best when you need to stitch nose or mouth.

8.Felt: These can be used for accessories and mouth-nose parts again.


9.Polyester Stuffing

10.Brush: This is one of the optional amigurumi materials for giving the fuzzy look.


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