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Log Cabin Crochet Block Tutorial…and a Giveaway!

Hi dear friends,

Today’s post is really short and perhaps not as well photographed as I would like…
we have all been struck down with the dreaded lergy…headaches, coughing, noses running…it’s not a pretty sight! So, as much as I wanted to do a nice clean, (properly exposed) tutorial, I sat on my bed and crocheted a quick easy one…

In addition, I am doing a giveaway for all my followers! Thank you so much to everyone who visits me here…although I may not manage to respond to every comment, I really appreciate you dropping in 🙂 As a token of my appreciation, I am giving away the following items:

A gorgeous Bear making kit, complete with mohair and all the bits and pieces you need to make this little person (you just need hands ,needle and sewing thread…or alternatively, a sewing machine and thread) 🙂
Two beautiful Susan Bates crochet hooks (sizes 2.75mm and 3.75mm), stunningly decorated by the talented Jenn Edwards, in floral polymer clay…
A big skein of hand-dyed pink and green 100% merino wool yarn

So if you are already a follower, you don’t need to do anything…if you do follow by the time I do the random draw (Sunday 18hoo South African time), you will automatically be entered into the draw 🙂

Now for the brief tutorial. I am making a little block for a blanket for a small boy who recently lost his mommy, and wanted to do something traditional, but in boy colours, so I made a very simple log cabin block in blues and greens…

Firstly, choose the colours you like. Try to keep the yarn weights similar or your block will be wonky.
Chain as many stitches as you would like you central square to be.

Skip one stitch and start to do Sc stitches into each chain. When you get to the first chain you made, crochet the last Sc on this side of the work, and turn your work around.

End of first row reached. Once you have turned your work, ch 1, then start to Sc into each loop of the stitches made in row 1. Keep repeating the rows until you have a square shaped piece of crochet.

Tie on a new colour and insert your hook into the first stitch loop, yarn around hook, pull through, yarn around hook, pull through both loops on the hook. Continue to do Sc into each previously done stitch as before. Complete as many rows as you find pleasing.

Once you have completed enough rows, again change colour, but this time join in the new colour so that you are crocheting along the edge of BOTH previous colours (see above pic). Complete as many rows as you did with the first colour change (this keeps thing sort of balanced, and will tend to keep the overall shape square).
Keep going around as you can see above, changing colours and doing as many rows as you feel look right. Work in the loose ends…

Simple, but sweet.

Off to bed for me,
Have a good evening
Lots of Love,
Heidi 🙂


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