Have handmade tablecloths been history these days ?

Have handmade tablecloths been history these days ?

Handmade tablecloths have been very popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Most of the women used to crochete tablecloths and knit sofa covers during the 80’s -90’s period. People used to decorate their home with handmade tablecloths and handmade sofa throws and sofa covers on that days.This tradition have been changed through the years until the last 5-10 years. Crocheting and knitting were almost forgotten. Nowadays crocheting and knitting are popular again. So women started to crochete tablecloths and knit sofa covers again.With the improvement on the textile industry homemade accessories were forgotten. And so were traditional handcrafts like crocheting, knitting

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Handmade home accessories are common and popular these days again. Most of the women whether house wives or working women started to create homemade accessories like tablecloths,sofa covers,bed covers,pillow cases. And many women decorate towels,duvets and similar home accessories. Hobbies like this keep you motivated and relaxed. And some of the women earn Money by selling their work.
Handmade tablecloths styles are crocheted tablecloths ,stitched tableclothes and other fabric tableclothes. You can crochete different pattterns as you wish. And these patterns could be flowers,stars,fruits or anything you like. You can also stitch your table cloth with any shape you like. You can also create different table cloths,while you sew different fabrics together just like patchwork. Another option is to decorate your table clothes with ponpons,ribbons,beads and create a hand made table cloths.You can sew yourself table cloths or sofa covers too.

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