Hello everyone!

It seems like all my posts are late this week! I must tell you, it’s been a bit more difficult than I imagined, attending lectures for a week, then kiddies, home, etc you know…daily life? Perhaps I am getting old. As it is, my 12 year old quickly jumps to attention (tongue in cheek…… least, I think she is joking??), whenever I go down steps, reassuring me that with her help I will get down to the bottom with all my bones intact ( I mean! whatever happened to the child in her….far too clever these teenagers…), so the fact that I managed to do a couple of posts actually makes me feel a little better (considering I had every intention of joining the Knitting Olympics…and didn’t…yes, I know, SHAME on me…..). SOOOOOOOO….I though, what better way to celebrate than do a giveaway! Yup, my first giveaway πŸ™‚ I really hope these are things that will be appealing…

Btw, the pics of the beach were taken on the Wild Coast of South Africa, a truly wonderful area, with stunning beaches, and at this particular part of the coast, you can see dolphins almost twice a day, swimming in the surf, quite close to the sand…Mr P and the girls swam out to within about 10m of them once, and the paddlers regularly paddle in the pods…awesome really πŸ™‚ Whales are also seen quite often, and last year we saw a huge school of Humpbacks, frolicking in the sea…a wonderful sight!

Down to business! The giveaway consists of a number of items. I will describe them as best as I can, as I know that colours on different monitors can be very different! Right, below is a pic of all the items together.
A lovely box of Michal Negrin beeswax candles. They smell heavenly.

Four pure cotton blue napkins, and four pure cotton green napkins. They are printed on one side with the pattern you see above.

3 skeins of heather coloured hand painted and handspun mohair mix yarn. The three skeins total 100g (25g, 25g, 50g).

Michal Negrin notecards and envelopes (10 envelopes, 10 notecards). Michal Negrin’s products are always so gorgeous, I love them, and use them often for invitations, thank you’s, bithday cards etc…

A gorgeous Michal Negrin Photo album. Each page has a slot that you can put pics into, makes a lovely gift for someone, perhaps loved grandparents from their grandchildren (filled with pics of course πŸ˜‰ )

A quarter metre of mohair bear making fur. This is a lovely golden colour, excellent quality, and has a strong woven background. I used to make teddy bears (I used to sell limited edition artist bears), and this mohair fabric was the only kind I used. Good stuff… I will be posting full step by step instructions on how to make a bear…some time…

A big ball of rust coloured mohair yarn. It’s very soft, not scratchy, and would make a lovely scarf … The colour reminds me of autumn πŸ™‚
A 100g ball of handpainted sock yarn. I love this sock yarn, I often use it for things other than socks, very versatile…
To enter for the giveaway, please leave a comment letting me know what types of tutorials you would like to see, and what creative endeavours you enjoy. That’s it! I will choose a winner on Sunday night (our local time here in SA, at around 10pm), randomly chosen, probably with the help of a willing Mr P!
On another note: haven’t had much time to find something interesting, but this was thought provoking… not sure that I have decided which way I would vote…to flash or not to flash, that is the question…
Have an awesome day!
Lots of Love,
Heidi πŸ™‚

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