Gifts from the Kitchen…an absolutely delicious must-have

Gifts from the Kitchen…an absolutely delicious must-have

Today I have such a treat for Valentine’s Day! Alas, due to the biking accident my great intentions were not to be, and the free pattern I had planned for a Magic Loop knitted heart (yes, folks…no seaming at allllll…. 🙂 ) was put on hold while TLC was rendered to my poor battered Gerry. I am hoping to get the tutorial out this week some time…so keep watching this space!

Instead, I wanted to share a fantastic, romantic, wonderful book with you all. I will be the first to admit that the daily grind of cooking for family doesn’t much light my fires, but if I have time and space, or if guests are coming over, I LOVE to cook something special.

This book by Annie Rigg , is called “Gifts from the Kitchen, 100 irresistible homemade presents for every occasion”, and it is just beautiful! Last year when Yours Truly was feverishly working to finish up handmade Christmas gifts, I had to come up with something for all the menfolk who are impossible to make for. Men are ruled by eats (as every classically educated woman knows 😉 ), and the recipes in here would have been perfect…. alas…..I didn’t have it in my book hoard…

The book is divided into 5 sections: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Celebrations. The recipes are for sweet as well as savoury makes, and really each one looks delicious. The Spring section has favourites like Turkish Delight, as well as Coffee and Cardamom Toffee, divine nougat, Pink and White vanilla marshmallows, macaroons, lollipops, Raspberry and Rose Chocolate Wafers, Greek honey cookies , and some candied citrus peels.

Summer has recipes for preserves, jams, Raspberry and Passionfruit Pastilles, amongst other, as well as my uber favourite for this section….Lemon and Passionfruit Curd! There are also some savoury recipes like, pickled vegetables for picnics, Pesto , Marinated Goat’s cheese, crispbread and spiced plum sauce for barbeques… We here in South Africa have a national sport called “braaing” aka barbequing in other parts of the world, so a wonderful sauce like this will be very useful. Every weekend when there is even an inkling of sun…out come the “braais”and garden chairs… 😉

Autumn has recipes for Apricot and Almond Brownies, Chocolate and Hazelnut spread, Sea-Salted Caramels (I can’t wait to try these…btw, have any of you tried the Lindt Chocolate with a touch of sea salt?….it’s absolutely divine!…go right now and buy some, and eat the whole slab!…I digress….), again with a whole host of delicious looking savoury dishes.

Winter wouldn’t be the same without truffles, biscotti with almonds and figs (I really love almonds, so it’s a sign…I have to make and eat allll the recipes with almonds…), spiced nuts, shortbread, spiced cranberry jelly, florentines, and chocolate coated candied almonds…( see what I mean…) etc etc…too many to mention…

Celebrations is a really lovely section with treats for different holidays.,..Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Housewarming presents, Chinese New Year, Father’s Day, Easter celebrations, Jewish celebrations and of course Christmas recipes! They all look easy to make and foolproof 🙂

Just look at that cake…doesn’t it just shout Love and Valentine’s Day?

The food is beautifully photographed and the recipes well laid out and easy to follow.

This is the first book of Annie Rigg’s that I have bought and taking a look on Amazon, I see that she has written several others in the same line, that I might have to add to my wish list…after all you never know when you may have to feed the craving…

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day, and were spoiled rotten…. 🙂


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