How to Make Wood Mirror DIY Tutorial Basic

How to Make Wood Mirror DIY Tutorial Basic

How to Make Wood Mirror DIY Tutorial Basic

Recently we repainted our house and would like something to decorate the empty walls, such as paintings, shelving and mirrors.

Make: A circular mirror with wood slices all around.
I used an Ikea KOLJA mirror adhered to plywood and glued wood slices all around:

I love all the different sizes, tones and patterns:

Part of a little Master Bedroom makeover but more importantly fills a quirky space where the roof eave cuts into the wall:
Here’s how I made the mirror:
1. Purchase an Ikea KOLJA mirror or any circular mirror.
This one is 22″ round.
2. Using 3/8″ plywood, trace around the edge of the mirror onto the plywood:
3. Now add 3.5″ all around to the perimeter of traced mirror circle:
4. Cut out the larger circle with a jigsaw:
5. Attach cleat to back.
First attach 3/4″ plywood scrap:
6. Then attach cleat to scrap and circle piece:
7. Cut lots of wood slices from fallen branches:
8. Keep cutting, you need lots:
9. Prime and paint the outer 3.5″ perimeter border same color as walls so any open spaces between wood slices ‘blends’ into wall.
10. Adhere wood slices with wood glue, start with bigger pieces and follow traced line from mirror edge:
11.  Keep adding wood slices to fill in the space.
The more different sizes, the more interesting the frame.
12. Apply Liquid Nails for mirrors with a chaulking gun all around middle space, stay at least 2″ away from edge:
13. Set mirror in place.
Weight mirror down with heavy objects, use towel to protect mirror surface:
14. To hang, secure other cleat half to wall:
15. Gently place mirror cleat into wall cleat:
All set and you really don’t even notice the painted plywood behind all the wood slices:
The look is unique and a bit rustic, right up my alley.

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