Amigurumi Pink Bear

Amigurumi Pink Bear
  1. Trinh Le says:

    can you send me this pattern

  2. Engela says: this. Amigurumi Pink Bear available? I’m not able to go onto Pinterest…Can you plse email it to me on or send me the link to the pattern…plse please!! Engela

  3. ninosctka says:

    Hello,this amigurumi pink bear on pink cat is available, I look in pinterest…but I don’t find, please you can contact to mi my email is of send me the link to the patterm…thank you Ninosctka

  4. Judy Everingham says:

    Do you have the Amigurumi Pink Bear and Pink cat pattern in English for sale or for free please. They are beautiful.

  5. Muhsana says:

    Can you send me this beautiful pattern please? My email is

  6. Eline Denie says:

    can you send me the pattern of these 2 lovely creatures to my mail please

  7. Gül says:

    Please send me this sweet beer’s patern.. I Love it very much…

  8. Rose says:

    Where do we dind ghe pink near pattern

  9. yAGMUR says:

    modelin yapılışını mailime gönderirmisiniz lütfennnn

  10. Natalia cardoso says:

    Can u send me this pattern please

  11. Ann Tong says:

    Can I have this pattern, happy to pay for it but I have no idea how to get it.